Vintage has ReOpened for the Spring 2014 Season…


Features for 4/25- 4/27/2014:

Screen 1:

Oculus                                R      (105 minutes)    8:05pm

Transcendence             PG-13  (120 minutes)    9:50pm


Screen 2:

Rio 2                                    G      (105 minutes)    8:05pm

Captain America           PG-13  (136 minutes)    9:50pm


Screen 3: 

Haunted House 2           R       (87 minutes)    8:05pm

Non-Stop                    PG-13  (107 minutes)    9:35pm


Screen 4: 

Other Woman               PG-13  (109 minutes)    8:05pm

Divergent                       PG-13  (140 minutes)    9:55pm


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Box Office Hours

The Vintage DriveIn Box Office Opens at 7:00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The Box Office is open at 8:00pm on Monday thru Thursday.

East Avon Flea Market

The East Avon Flea Market is Now Open Sundays.

You just may find it and more of what your looking for at the East Avon Flea Market. From New Items, Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles To Tools, Novelties, Produce, and much much more. Bring friends, the family and neighbors for fun in the sun.

Free Admission !

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